India should not accept any Afghan Muslim refugee : Arif Aajakia, Human Rights & Social Media Activist & Youtuber

Editorial Comments

  • Even a Human Rights Activist of Pakistani origin can understand the hazards to India if the Government takes such a decision !
  • Today, 85% of the majority population is being opposed through madarasas only. They are saying, ‘Destroy the kafirs’ !
Arif Aajakia, Human Rights & Social Media activist & Youtuber

Ponda (Goa) (Mr Vikram Dongre) – India should not give refuge to any Afghan Muslim. India is offering shelter to Hindus and Sikh minorities is very commendable. Countries such as Turkestan, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh are there who are fighting for the well-being of Muslims. These nations should accept Afghan individuals as refugees, expressed Arif Aajakia from London, who is fighting for the well-being of the minorities in Pakistan. He was speaking with ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ over the phone.

Aajakia further said an arrangement of 1 lakh tents has been made in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage.  30 individuals can live in one tent. These tents remain unoccupied for 11 months a year. Therefore, Saudi Arabia can easily give refuge to millions of Afghans. Just like Iraq and Syria, there is an immense possibility of ‘Jihad migration’ through the migration that is going on in Afghanistan.

Aajakia had been the Mayor of Jamshed City near Karachi; he gave very important information concerning the present international state of affairs, the challenges before the world due to religious fanatics. The information he gave is as follows –

1. The whole world has to face a great challenge due to the Taliban.  Al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attack in the US, jihadi attack in Madrid (Spain), bomb blast in London and attack on Mumbai on 26/11. Al-Qaeda dominated the world from 1996 to 2001, but it is being said to have decreased now. However, the fact is, the state of affairs is just the same as it was 20 years ago.

2. Pakistan’s Intelligent Organisation, ISI is behind the Taliban’s establishing power in Afghanistan. ISI made the political leaders in Afghanistan dance to their tunes by bribing them. India needs to be very alert because more than half the weapons with Afghanistan have already reached the hands of jihadi terrorists in Pakistan.

3. Minorities in Pakistan are in a very bad state and they are almost facing genocide.

4. While answering the question, ‘What should India do to declare Pakistan as a terrorist country ? he said that India is a real democratic nation, acting responsibly. India will never say openly, ‘Declare Pakistan a terrorist nation’. India is trying to put some restrictions on Pakistan at the international level.

5. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for many years. There are only mosques, no madarasas for offering prayers. Muslim children are being raised erroneously. Madarasas should be closed. Muslim children should be encouraged to go to regular schools-colleges. Presently, 85% of the majority population is being opposed through madarasas only. They are instigating and saying, ‘Destroy the kafirs’.