Bhim Army activists in Bihar step on Shivlinga and publish its photo on the internet

One activist arrested

Editorial comment

Hindus and Hindu organisations should demand that Central Government bans the sick Hindu-phobic Bhim Army.

Supaul (Bihar) – In the Shiva Temple of Mahadevpatti Village of Supaul Bihar, two activists of the Bhim Army stepped on the Shivlinga and circulated its photo on social media.

The Police filed a case of the incident and have arrested Shailendra Kumar Ram. Search is on for the other accused, Chandan Kumar Ram. Objectionable words were used for Hindus in the caption of the picture circulated on social media. Vishva Hindu Parishad has appealed to the Police to take stringent action against the accused.

After the photo went viral, Panchayat was called by the villagers. The Panchayat advised both the accused to accept their mistake and end the matter. But instead of accepting their mistake, both started beating and abusing the people.