A refugee from Pakistan threatens to commit suicide with all family members due to persecution in Rajasthan

Police have a suspicion about the refugee

Editor’s comment

  • Police should tell the truth to Hindus

Jalore (Rajasthan) – A video of refugees who have come from Pakistan and staying in the Dhanata area, has become viral. In the video, Trilokchand Rana, a Pakistani Hindu is threatening to commit suicide along with all the members of his family.

Trilokchand Rana has claimed that his relatives had called him to India and now, they are only troubling him. He also alleged harassment by some people from that village. They are forcing him to leave the place, and are even beating him up. Rana is seen appealing in this video either to send him back to Pakistan or to help him; else, he would commit suicide.

In the primary investigations of the Intelligence Department, Trilokchand Rana is found as a suspicious person

After Trilokchand Rana’s video became viral, Intelligence Department started an inquiry into the incidents. It was revealed that Rana was illegally staying for the last 4 years. He has also been accused of involvement in suspicious acts. It was found that many times, he had quarrelled with the residents and the Police had conducted an inquiry. People coming from Pakistan are not allowed to stay in the area where Rana has been staying. (How is Rana staying there for 4 years when it is against the law ? What were the Intelligence agencies and Police doing all these days ? They should inform the public as to what action they would take now. – Editor)