Australia to return 14 valuable ancient artworks to India

How did these artworks reach Australia ? What was the Archaeological Survey of India doing when the artworks were being smuggled at such a large scale ? It is better to close such Department.

Sydney (Australia) – The National Gallery of Australia is going to return 14 valuable ancient artworks to India. These artworks include sculptures, photographs, paintings, etc. Many of these artworks are from the 12th century and are worth Rs. 16 crore. These objects were included in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia from 1989 to 2009. Thirteen of these artworks have been acquired from an international smuggler Subhash Kapoor, who is currently in the prison. In 2014, the Australian Gallery had returned a rare bronze statue of Deity Shiva worth Rs. 27 crore to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.