Instructions for parents of Divine children and young-seekers (who have taken birth on earth from higher subtle regions)

Parents send matter about their wards to Ramnathi Ashram’s Compilation section for publication. Despite repeated instructions and requests, the matter has incomplete information. For example, information such as full name, age or name of the Town and District, etc. are missing As a result, the responsible seekers have to spend a lot of time in collecting the missing information.

Therefore, parents are requested to provide information as per the points given ahead.

1. Details of information to be shared

A. Full name of the child with details such as Town, District and State.

B. Date of birth, Tithi of birth, exact time of birth, place of birth (Town, District and State).

C. Name of the parents/ guardians sending the matter along with their relationship with the child, date of writing, mobile number of parents/ guardians

D. Write the spiritual level (If known earlier) and the year in which it was identified

2. Aspects to mention in the matter on Divine children

A. While mentioning the unique characteristics, mention the age of the child at that time. For example, 1 to 6 months, 6 months to 1 year, etc.

B. Write precisely about their unique characteristics (Changes in characteristics if they were shared earlier, new characteristics identified).

C. Vyashti sadhana (Individual spiritual practice) as well as regular seva performed by the child-seeker.

D. Unique spiritual experiences of the children and child-seekers

E. Dharmacharan (Abiding by the righteousness) of child-seekers as well as their actions to stop denigration of Dharma.

F. Incidents depicting their faith and bhav.

G. Summary of what Saints have said about the child or their appreciation.

H. Other important qualities identified in them.

I. Personality defects observed and the efforts made by the child to eliminate them.

Many parents have been sending matter about their children on every birthday. Since many such articles received, not enough space is available in the Daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ for articles on the Nation & Dharma. Hence, do not send such matter every year. If there is some special content, send it every 3-4 years. Parents who have not sent any matter about the unique characteristics of their children to the Compilation section so far should also consider the above points and avoid sending lengthy matter. If parents want the matter to be published on the birthday of their child, it should be sent at least 3 weeks before the birthday to the Texts section.

3. Important instruction

Along with matter, send recent 2-3 sattvik photos of the child in a sattvik attire, looking straight, smiling and the portion under the jaw should not be visible. Note that the photo should not be in school uniform or western clothes but be in a sattvik attire. The background should be simple and light. Along with the photos of the child, send sattvik photos of the parents who send the matter and other relatives as well.

4. Address for sending information

Parents should send the child’s photo and other details to E-mail – [email protected]. If parents cannot send an E-mail, other seekers in the District /District-sevaks can be of help.

Postal address : Sanatan Ashram, 24/B Ramnathi, Bandiwade, Ponda, Goa – 403 401.

– Texts section, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

Instructions for Disctrict-sevaks

Ensure that all seekers in your Districts have read the instructions mentioned on this Page and encourage seekers to send matter adhering to these instructions.

– Compilation section, Sanatan Ashram, Goa.