Deep knowledge in Hindu Dharma !

H.H. Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha

H.H. Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha (Age 87) pursued PhD in Aerospace engineering from IIT Bombay. He is a professor of international repute. After retirement from an elite career, inherent curiosity in Indian culture led Him to study the subject in-depth. He has written 11 books on Indian culture, Spirituality, Sanskrut, etc. Here, we reproduce His profound thoughts.

Intellectuals of which culture have ever cared to classify the following !

1. We all want proof for every phenomenon. How many kinds of proof exist, classify them.

2. What is the classification of our ignorance. In other words, how many types of ignorance exist ?

3. How many types of cheating are generally possible during any rational discussion, classify them ?

4. Classify the sources of happiness-sorrow that a human being encounters.

5. We often ask for the cause of a particular incident or happening. Find (classify) the various types of causes that can exist.

6. Classify the basic qualities of Nature.

7. Classify into three basic sources various kinds of diseases that a human being encounters.

8. Hindu wisdom has classified whole know-ledge into four types. What are these four types ?

9. Classify the objectives of a human being that would provide peace to an individual as well as to the whole world.

10. Classify different kinds of bodies of a human.

11. Classify the limitations of human intellect.

(There are several other issues which are very well classified and explained in Hindu culture, but I would like to stop here.)

Conclusion : Ability to properly classify a subject or topic or culture exhibits the individual’s intelligence and analysing power. Hindu culture has produced and analysed many such classifications, but unfortunately these are not taught to our modern students.

– H.H. Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha (June 2021)