Prepare your ‘Will’ considering its benefits and avoid likely difficulties !

Instructions for seekers and earnest request to readers, well-wishers and devotees

Human life is momentary, and the current environment has created insecurity amongst citizens. The adverse times are at our doorstep and most of the administrative machinery is inefficient. Considering all these factors, you have to decide on who will own property which you have acquired through hard work all your life (immovable and movable [wealth, shares, gold, silver, etc.] and how should it be utilised (through a ‘Will’).

We will not be bothered about what happens to that property later.

1. Benefits of preparing a Will

A. Disputes between relatives over your property and the resulting hassles can be avoided.

B. You will have the satisfaction that your self-earned wealth will go to the right person.

C. By making a Will, you can avoid the risk that even relatives who have for some reason, lost all ties with you, whether or not they are heirs, usurp the property after your death.

D. If the Will is not made, then a child or relative who has gone astray can ask for a share in the property after your death, and for this, your relatives have to face unnecessary hassle and expenses of the Courts and administrative offices.

E. If you do not have a close relative, you can decide who should get your property after you.

F. Preparing a Will in favour of others will reduce your income tax liability on the property.

G. Many of you may wish to contribute financially to serving a mission dedicated to the Nation & Dharma. You can make a Will in a manner to donate a portion of your wealth to such a mission.

2. How to make a Will legal ?

A. The Will should be in a written form (hand-written or typed).

B. The Will must be signed by the individual making it, with two witnesses as signatories.

C. If the testator is an adult, a medical certificate that he/she is physically and mentally sound to make a Will is necessary.

D. Registering a Will in the office of the Deputy Registrar can ensure its authenticity. (Registration of the Will is mandatory in Goa.)

3. Useful aspects about the security of the Will

A. The original copy of the Will can be deposited in the office of the Deputy Registrar for legal custody.

B. The Will can be kept with a safe and trusted person.

4. Your will can be changed as required during your lifetime

Everyone should prepare their Will as soon as possible keeping in mind the above mentioned aspects.

– Advocate Nilesh Sangolkar (Coordinator,
Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad)