The Apex Court rejects the appeal of withdrawing the criminal case against the ruckus mongering MLAs’ of the Kerala Assembly

What message these MLAs’ wanted to give to society through such behaviour ? – SC

People expect from Supreme Court that stringent punishment is meted out to the MLAs who behaved like goons in the Assembly.

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Supreme Court has refused to withdraw the case against Left Democratic Front (LDF) MLAs vandalising the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 2015. The next hearing is on 15th July. The Court said that it was a serious matter. MLAs have destroyed public property. What message did they intend to give to the public ? LDF is in power in Kerala since 2016.

Some LDF MLAs of the State have been accused with charges of destroying loudspeakers in the assembly, hitting each other, creating chaos and commotion. The Kerala Government has submitted a petition to withdraw the case filed against them. (Instead of punishing the Communist Party MLAs for behaving like goons in the Assembly, the Communist Government of Kerala petitioned to withdraw the case against them. – Editor) Earlier, the Kerala High Court had also refused to withdraw the case.