Drone-assisted bomb blasts by jihadi terrorists at Jammu air base

  • Targeted Indian combat helicopters
  • IAF jets remain safe as the drones missed the target
  • It is a direct attack on India. India must immediately retaliate by targeting Pakistani fighter jets as Pakistan is the sponsor and controller of the jihadi terrorism.
  • Had Hamas taken such an action against Israel, Israel would have launched a full-scale attack on Palestine, demolishing the number of buildings and other locations by now !

Jammu – Two explosions rocked the high security technical area of Air Force Station in Jammu on the intervening night of 26th June. The explosions were carried out targeting Indian combat helicopters. According to the reports, major damage was averted as the bombs dropped on the building instead of the helicopters. Two Indian Air Force personnel suffered minor injuries in the blast. The two explosions occurred five minutes apart. The first blast took place at 1.37 a.m., while the second took off at 1.42 a.m. The Air Force Station is at a short distance from the building where the explosions took place. The first bomb caused minor damage to the roof of a building, while the second exploded in an open area. Low-intensity explosives capable of ripping off the roof of the building were used in the bombs. Two suspects have been detained in connection with the blasts. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to the Vice Air Chief and Air Marshal HS Arora about the incident.

1. According to the reports, this Air Base is just 14 km away from the Pakistan border. Drones can drop explosives up to 12 km away. Two drones were used to drop the explosives. Radars cannot detect the explosive-laden drones. As a result, weight-carrying drones are used for such attacks. Such incidents have occurred earlier too.

2. The area was cordoned off by security forces within the minutes of blast. The Police and forensic team are currently at the scene and are investigating the main cause of the blast. The National Security Guard team and NIA team have also reached the station to collect evidence.

Use of drones supplied by China to Pakistan

Apparently, Pakistani forces have trained jihadi militants to drop bombs with the help of drones. The drones used by the militants have been supplied by China to the Pakistani army. These drones can fly up to 20 km and can carry 25 kg of load at a time.