Rajasthan : 60-year-old woman battling with Covid gives up her hospital bed for a young patient

A rare display of humanity in India !

Babaram and Lehar Kanwar from left

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Lehar Kanwar, 60-year-old women from Pali, Rajasthan, was on oxygen support at the Bangar Hospital. She noticed a young coronavirus patient despite being serious, waiting for medical treatment due to unavailability of beds. She immediately vacated her own bed for him, while she took her remaining oxygen support sitting on the wheelchair.

  1. Lehar Kanwar had just secured a hospital bed after waiting for nearly 4 hours when she noticed an unconscious coronavirus patient waiting for hospitalisation. The condition of this young patient, Baburam, was quite serious. Appraising the situation, Lehar Kanwar vacated her own bed for him.
  2. Lehar later said that she had already lived her life and that her sons had got married as well.  However, the youngpatient still had his children to take care of and hence doctors should treat him first while she could wait a little longer on a wheelchair.