Central Minister threatens to slap a man who pleaded for oxygen for his ailing mother !

Later explanation was given that the statement was made to stop the man from using indecent language for doctor and nurses !

People are losing patience as there is no oxygen supply in the hospitals. At such times, it is only natural for them to get angry. Instead of understanding and placating their anger, if a Minister speaks rudely with them, who shall they seek help to ?

Courtesy : NDTV

Damoh (MP) – Union Minister Prahlad Patel on Thursday allegedly threatened to slap a man in Madhya Pradesh’s Damoh when the latter asked the Minister to arrange an oxygen cylinder for his ailing mother. To which, the man responded, ‘You can slap me, but arrange for the oxygen supply’. Patel, the local MP, visited the hospital for inspection. A video of the incident went viral later.

  1. The victim is seen saying, ‘All of them (the Ministers) are fooling us. Even after 36 hours have passed, we are still restless. We are being assured of oxygen supply, yet to no avail. They should tell straightaway that there is no oxygen.’
  2. Patel asked the man, ‘Has anyone refused to provide you the oxygen cylinder?’ The man replied, ‘Yes. I have been denied. The patient received oxygen just for 5 minutes. If oxygen cannot be arranged, the hospital should not allow the admission of patients.’
  3.  Patel’s office issued a clarification regarding the incident. It said, the Minister was trying to stop the man from using foul language about the doctors and nurses.