Research underway to develop ‘Nasal spray’ vaccine

Preliminary studies showing promising results

Israel and New Zealand have already given consent to this spray

New Delhi – India as well as the entire world are vaccinating people against Covid-19 on a war footing. The vaccine was being administered in two doses via intramuscular injections. But now there is a glimmer of hope for a painless vaccine that can be administered through a nasal spray. Tests in Britain show that the nasal spray is effective in preventing Corona.

  1. SaNotize a Vancouver, Canada based company has developed a nitric oxide nasal spray. Corona patients can use the spray by themselves. Once this spray is taken the viral load (number of viruses) decreases. Due to this spray there is no increase in the virus and no damage is caused to the lungs as well.
  2. This nasal spray has been tested in Canada and Britain. It has been tested on 79 Corona patients in two steps. It has been revealed that this nasal spray reduced 95% of the virus within 24 hours. The experiment has also revealed that 99% of the viruses are destroyed within 72 hours.
  3. Currently ‘SaNotize’ company has asked for consent to use this nasal spray in Britain and Canada in order to deal with the pandemic. Israel and New Zealand have already expressed their consent to this nasal spray treatment. This company has also started the production of this spray in Israel since the last month. This spray will be available in Israel from the next month onwards for 30 US Dollars (Rs. 2500)
  4. Altimmune, an American company has developed a nasal spray that can be administered as a vaccine. This spray has been proved to be effective in preventing corona in the present scenario. It is also being touted as an effective method of immunizing young children against the coronavirus.
  5. Dr. Gilly Regev, CEO and Co-founder of SaNotize said, “We are looking out for a partner in India to manufacture this spray. It is necessary that this spray gets approval as a ‘medical device’ in India. Discussions are underway with some of the major pharmaceutical companies in India. However there has been no contact with the Indian Government  or regulatory bodies so far.

Bharat Biotech conducts testing of nasal spray in India

Bharat Biotech, manufacturer of Covaxin in India has begun testing of nasal spray since January in India. Dr. Krishna Ella, Founder of Bharat Biotech said, “The nasal spray vaccine needs to be taken only once. The company has entered a licensing deal with the Washington University for this purpose.”