A petition will be filed against Serum Institute of India

  • The case of side effect of Covishield vaccine
  • Parents claim that two young women died due to Covishield
Credits : Business Standard

New Delhi – The parents of two women allegedly deceased after receiving the Covishield vaccine plan to file a case against the Serum Institute of India (SII). This decision follows AstraZeneca’s acknowledgment in court that their Covid shot can cause a rare side effect, providing hope for the parents in seeking justice. AstraZeneca faces a class-action lawsuit over allegations that its vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, led to deaths and serious injuries, including thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), characterized by blood clots and low platelet count.

1. The parents of Ritika Omtree and Karunya Govindan have claimed that their daughters died after taking the Covishield vaccine. 18-year-old Ritika was studying architecture in the year 2021 during the Covid pandemic. She was given her first dose of Covishield in May; but after a week, Ritika developed high fever and started vomiting. Her condition was so bad that she could not even walk. MRI Scans revealed that she had multiple blood clots in her brain and was leaking. Ritika tragically died within two weeks. Ritika’s parents did not know the exact cause of her death. In December 2021, they learned through RTI that Ritika had died of TTT (Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome) and a side effect of the vaccine.

2. Similarly, Venugopal Govindan’s daughter Karunya also died in July 2021, a month after receiving the Covishield vaccine. The National Committee on Vaccines subsequently rejected claims of vaccine-related deaths; because there was not enough evidence for it. The parents of Karunya, Venugopal Govindan filed a case urging a probe over her death as soon as possible and access to the investigation’s findings.

3. In January 2021, the Serum Institute of India entered into an agreement with them to meet the needs of other low and middle income countries, as well as to produce the Covishield vaccine for India. The Serum Institute produced the vaccine on a large scale to meet the huge demand in India and other countries. According to official data, more than 170 crore doses of Covishield have been administered in India till April 2024.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine is banned in these countries

Shortly after AstraZeneca’s vaccine was developed, it was banned in many countries as it was deemed unsafe. Denmark was the first country to ban the Covishield. After this, Ireland, Thailand, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Congo and Bulgaria, while other European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Slovenia and Spain banned the use of this vaccine in the year 2021. Canada also stopped using it in 2021. It was subsequently banned in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.