Offence registered against a Christian pastor for duping Hindu family of Rs 80,000 under the pretext of healing cancer

Realise that the pseudo-secular media suppress such news and the people connected with ANiS do not say a word about such a fake Christian pastor !

Jalandhar (Punjab) – A Christian pastor, Balwinder, has duped a Hindu family of Rs. 80,000 under the pretext of healing cancer. The pastor also made an attempt to convert the Hindu family to Christianity. A supporter of the pastor had told the family that Pastor Balwinder has the power to cure any disease. Therefore, this family hailing from Mumbai went to Jalandhar.

Balwinder had initially demanded 1 lakh rupees from the family for treating the daughter who was suffering from cancer. But later he settled for Rs. 80,000. On the pretext of treatment, he gave oil and water to the family. Despite this, the life of the young girl could not be saved. The family therefore lodged a complaint with the Police.