Amit Shah has ‘very limited’ knowledge of Bangladesh !

Bangladesh reacts sharply to Amit Shah’s ‘Bangladeshis come to India to escape starvation’ statement

If Bangladesh has any objection to the statement issued by the Union Minister of India then they should immediately recall the Bangladeshi infiltrators residing illegally in India !

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – During an election rally in Bengal, Union Home Minister Amit Shah remarked that ‘poor people from Bangladesh come to India since they do not have enough food in their country’. Bangladesh Foreign Minister A.K. Abdul Momen raised strong objection to this.

Momen said that the ‘Amit Shah’s knowledge of Bangladesh is very limited. Such remarks are unacceptable especially when relations between Bangladesh and India are deep. Such statements create misunderstanding. No one dies hunger in Bangladesh. There is no Monga (seasonal poverty and hunger in northern districts of Bangladesh) either. In fact Bangladesh is ahead of India in many fields. More than 90% people use better toilets while more than 50% people in India do not have access to toilets’.