‘Those who are old, have to die’ – Says BJP Minister Prem Singh Patel

Madhya Pradesh BJP Minister Prem Singh Patel on deaths due to corona

Such statements show the Minister’s empathy towards the people.

In a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, the Government and the administration are unable to protect the people, so it is necessary that people worship God !

Bhopal (MP) – ‘No one can stop the deaths due to corona. Those who are old have to die!’ This statement was made by Prem Singh Patel, a minister in the BJP led Madhya Pradesh government, while talking to the journalists.

When a journalist asked Mr Patel about the deaths due to corona, he said that, ’people should cooperate to be safe from Corona. They should maintain social distance and keep wearing masks. Get appropriate treatment from doctors’. He even added, “Many people are dying, those who are old have to die.”