Bhopal : Oxygen scarcity leads to chaos in Covid centres

Bhopal (MP) – More than 20 Covid hospitals here witnessed chaotic situations due to oxygen scarcity. 5 patients died in City hospital due to unavailibility of oxygen. However, on the previous day, the MP state government had informed the public that the state has sufficient stock of oxygen cylinders. (Making such a statement is misleading the public ! It has to be checked if the government is providing wrong information to the public or the government itself is getting wrong information from the system. – Editor)

Patient dies after being forcibly discharged from the hospital due to lack of oxygen !

Crime should be registered against the hospital management and state administration and they should be highly penalized !

Due to insufficient stock of oxygen in the city some hospitals are forcing the patients to leave the hospital. One of the patients here from PGMB hospital was forced to take discharge from the hospital. He died while being shifted to another hospital.