Long wait at crematoriums in Surat

Allegations of greasing the palm for early funeral

If this is happening, it is ill gotten gains. The administration should punish such people severely and provide more facilities for the last rites.

New Delhi – Corona has created a horrifying situation in the country. In the last 24 hours, there has been a drastic rise in the number of Covid-19 patients.  There are many casualties. There are also incidents of families neglecting the mortal remains of the deceased, so the bodies are lying in hospitals. There is a long wait for the final rites of Covid-19 deaths in Surat and ambulances are waiting in long queues outside the crematoriums. The dead bodies come to the crematorium for cremation; however, presently there are more bodies of corona patients which are to be cremated with Covid-19 protocols which delays the normal funeral process. It is alleged that in the Ashwini kumar crematorium, greasing of palm of crematorium employees takes place for early cremation.

Social activist Harish Gujjar alleged that the relatives of the deceased are told to pay Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 to avoid waiting for long hours for their turn to perform the last rites.  The city is preparing a crematorium where 25 people can be cremated at the same time

In Brazil, old corpses are dug out from the grave and a place is being made to bury the newly arriving bodies

There is a spike in the Covid-19 death rate in Brazil. In the largest city of Sao Paulo, there is no space left in the cemetery to bury the mortal remains of the corona patients. Due to this the old corpses are dug out from the grave and a place is being made to bury the new bodies. About 60,000 people have died in Brazil last week.