Near-fatal attack on Hindus by religious fanatics at Chabda (Rajasthan) for over a trivial reason

Attack on police and fire fighting department staff

It is evident from the frequently occurring incidents that religious fanatics are ready to attack Hindus on any pretext in the Congress-ruled States.

Baran (Rajasthan) – Religious fanatics attacked Hindus over petty reason at Dharnavada Chowk in Chabda region. They indulged in the arson of several shops and also attacked the Police and staff of the fire fighting department. The Police then started lathi-charge and imposed Section 144. The electricity supply was also disrupted here.

On 11th April, when Kamal Singh was buying fruits on a cart, an argument arose with Farid, Aabid and Samir. The religious fanatics then attacked Kamal Singh with a knife. A shopkeeper named Rakesh Nagar who went to help Kamal Singh was also attacked by the fanatics. The violence started after these attacks. Singh and Nagar who were injured badly in the violence have been admitted to hospital. The Police have arrested the three religious fanatics.