Seekers who have spiritual distress should avoid over-anxiety or over-contemplation

H.H. Sandeep Alshi

Seekers who have medium to severe spiritual distress are affected by negative energies to less or more extent. Therefore, there are limitations to seekers making efforts in spiritual practice in a perfect manner.

Some seekers who have spiritual distress feel very anxious or contemplate a lot on the efforts being made in performing spiritual practice. Being over-anxious increases useless thoughts or stress, and results in increase in spiritual distress. Over-contemplation may result in intellectual confusion or inferiority complex. Therefore, instead of being over-anxious or over-contemplation about efforts in spiritual practice or about the adverse situations as per their own opinion, such seekers should contemplate only as required for spiritual practice, keep learning and continue with their spiritual practice.

To avoid being over-anxious or over-contemplation, as and when possible, quickly take help and guidance from the responsible seekers. This will save the energy of the mind and will also help in obtaining the appropriate perspectives.

Do not be adamant that you should be able to perform perfect spiritual practice. If one is not able to quickly overcome a particular severe personality defect or an aspect of ego, it does not mean that the spiritual practice is not taking place. This, because it is a small part of overall spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice does take place with the efforts made in chanting God’s Name, performing satseva, efforts in developing spiritual emotion, etc. Therefore, instead of feeling bad about not being able to make perfect efforts in spiritual practice, you should think that making continuous efforts to perform perfect spiritual practice is also spiritual practice per se. Later, once the spiritual distress reduces, all the efforts in spiritual practice will become perfect.

– Sanatan’s Saint, H.H. Sandeep Alshi