Indian culture responsible for rapes in Pakistan! – Pakistan PM’s anti-India statement

  • Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission criticises Imran Khan’s remarks
  • If Pakistani citizens had actually followed Indian culture there would have been neither rapes nor Jihadi terrorism in Pakistan!
  • This statement by Imran Khan reveals his hatred for India. It seems like a matter of time before Imran Khan holds India responsible for Pakistan’s poverty, unemployment and crime as well!

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan PM Imran Khan laid the blame for sexual assaults on India and the west and said “rapes or sexual assaults occurs due to vulgarity. This vulgarity comes from Western and Indian cultures”.  He was responding to a query posed by a citizen regarding the increasing number of rapes. Khan held a two hour long question and answer session with the people of Pakistan. His remarks have attracted criticism from all spheres of the society.

  1. Reacting to Imran Khan’s remarks, Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission said, “The statements made by Imran Khan as a public leader are highly unacceptable. This not only reveals his ignorance about where, why and how rapes occur but also lays the blame on the survivors who, as the government must know, can range from young children to victims of honour crimes. We demand an immediate apology from Imran Khan. The Government should demonstrate strong commitment to end sexual violence”.
  2. Official statistics announced by the Pakistan Government have revealed that at least 11 rape incidents are reported in the country every day. It is claimed however that in reality the number of rapes committed are greater than those being reported.