Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to run a campaign against government takeover of 4 lakh temples in the country!

  • Will hold talks with state govt.!
  • Land belonging to 10 temples ceded for golf course after Andhra Pradesh government’s orders!
  • 85% of Tirupati temple’s yearly income of Rs. 1,300 Cr gets deposited with the state govt.!

Praiseworthy campaign by VHP! Still, Hindus expect central govt. and BJP ruled states to pass a law to stop the govt. takeover of temples! Uttarakhand’s BJP govt. itself is in a bid to takeover Char Dhaam and other temples, against which a petition has been filed in the SC!

New Delhi – VHP has announced a campaign against the govt. takeover of 4 lakh temples throughout the country. VHP General Secretary Milind Parande said, ‘4 lakh temples from various states in the country have been taken over by the state governments. I request them to release the temples and monasteries from their control, for which VHP will hold talks with the government. Petition will be filed in the SC if required.’

Milind Parande further said,

  1. Instead of utilising temple funds for social welfare, the money offered by the devotees is being used for some other purposes. These temples must become the centres to spread Hinduism.
  2. Many governments have conspired to destroy the Indian culture by taking control of the temples. Some temples don’t even have the means to perform proper worship, for which, people should step forward and pressurise the govt. to hand over the temple management to the people, the devotees..
  3. Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati Tirumala temple receives a yearly donation of Rs. 1,300 Cr, out of which, 85% of the money gets deposited with the govt.
  4. Ten temples in Andhra Pradesh had to cede their lands for a golf course on the orders of the state govt. Hindu devotees didn’t offer the land for it to be converted into a ‘golf course’.
  5. Wealth of temples is being misused by the state governments. Do Hindus donate money for this? Why do Hindu temples have government restrictions placed on them while the other religious sites are being managed by their respective communities? The government should have no authority over the money donated by Hindus to the temples.
  6. Support by RSS

Chief of RSS’s All India Convention, Narendra Thakur, has extended support to the VHP campaign. He said that the temples must be released from government control and their management must be handed over to the people. Temple wealth must be utilised for social welfare. (Temple wealth must be used just for Dharmik purposes and not for social welfare. The government and NGOs are there to look after social welfare. Temple funds just belong to Hindu Dharma and should be used to conserve and propagate it ! – Editor)

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s campaign in Tamil Nadu

(Courtesy: TIMES NOW)

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s ‘Isha Foundation’ has already started a campaign against the govt. takeover of thousands of temples in Tamil Nadu. According to Sadhguru, 12,000 temples in Tamil Nadu are in extremely pathetic conditions since worships aren’t done in them. 34,000 temples have to be maintained in a mere earning of Rs. 10,000 per annum. 37,000 temples have just one person to look after them.