Regulate web series content ! – collective demand by BJP MPs in Lok Sabha

Why should such a demand be raised? Why doesn’t the government think of this proactively? BJP MPs should stick to their demand and pursue the matter till appropriate action is taken against the OTT platforms !

New Delhi – BJP MPs collectively urged the government to regulate content on OTT platforms for insulting Hindu deities and hurting Hindu’s religious sentiments.

Demands raised by various BJP MPs in Lok Sabha

  1. Manoj Kotak said, “web series portray unnecessary violence, alcohol use and scenes insulting Hindu deities. The government should censor such web series and prevent Hindu religious sentiments  from being hurt.
  2.  Kirit Solanki said, “Indian culture is being attacked through web series. This is having and adverse impact on younger generation. The government should take action against OTT Apps and ban them.”
  3.  MP Shankar Lalwani said, “violence, abuses are being promoted through web series on mobiles. Religious sentiments are hurt. Hence the web series should be brought under a censor board”.
  4.  Vinod Kumar Sonkar also demanded censorship on web series. Referring to a character of a web series he said that it has brought disrepute to an entire industry in UP.