Pray to Vastudevata so that your Vastu gets sold quickly, and perform the spiritual remedies mentioned here

Sadguru (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil

Some seekers are selling their houses in big cities and moving to small towns keeping in mind the adverse times. Some are finding it difficult to sell their houses. Seekers can perform the spiritual remedies as given ahead to overcome the obstacles in selling their house so that it gets sold as soon as possible.

1. It is necessary to have a sense of gratitude towards the Vastudevata and pray to her !

We should be grateful towards the Vastudevata of the house, in which we have lived for so many years because She has taken care of us and protected us. We are indebted towards Her. If there is bhav (Spiritual emotion) towards the Vastudevata, She will allow us to sell the house and also assist us in selling it. To repay Her debt to some extent, pray to the Vastudevata as given ahead at least once a day till the house is sold.

A. O’ Vastudevata ! We are grateful unto Your Holy feet for protecting us from sunlight, wind and rain for so many years.

B. Please liberate us from Your debt. Forgive us if we have done anything wrong.

C. Please help us sell this house. Remove all the obstacles in selling this house. Let this house be sold as soon as possible so that we are free to perform spiritual practice.

2. Placing a Namjap Mandal and writing prayers on it

Create a Mandal (Subtle protective sheath) of Shrikrushna’s Namjap (Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya) on all four sides of the paper. Inside the Mandal, write the name of the house owner and a prayer. Each subsequent prayer should be written on a separate piece of paper. This paper with the prayer should be placed in a Holy place such as the temple at home or inside a Holy text till the house is sold.

Once the house is sold, express gratitude and immerse the paper(s) in flowing water or burn them in fire.

A. O’ Shrikrushna, my name is … (write your name). Let the house in my name be sold as soon as possible. Let there be no obstacles in doing so. When the house is sold, my family and I can wholly concentrate on our spiritual practice.

B. O’ Shrikrushna, my name is … (write your name). Let … (Write the name of the person who is coming to see the house), who is coming to see the house with the intention to buy it from me like this house. Let the person agree to buy the house for the amount that has been suggested by You. Let the transaction be completed as soon as possible, so that I can wholly concentrate on my spiritual practice. (If the person refuses to buy the house, immerse the paper with his name and make a new paper with a Mandal for another person.)

Some are ancestral houses and are jointly owned. To sell the house, you need permission from all. Also, it is necessary to decide the amount each would get after selling the house. One can also write the names of these people in the Namjap Mandal so that there is no hindrance from any one of them.

– Sadguru (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa.

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We should be grateful towards the Vastudevata of the house, because She has protected us for so many years !