Placards of PM Modi and world leaders raised at Pro-freedom rally in Sindh, Pakistan Pro-freedom rally in Sindh, Pakistan

Placards of PM Modi, other world leaders raised at the rally

  • Considering the present political situation in Pakistan, it is likely to be divided in 6 parts.
  • India should extend full support to those demanding freedom and try to ensure that Pakistan is divided into pieces.
Morcha for ‘Independent Indus State’ in Pakistan

Sann (Pakistan) – In a massive pro-freedom rally organised on the 117th birth anniversary of GM Syed, one of the founding fathers of modern Sindhi nationalism, protesters raised the placards of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other world leaders to seek their intervention for the freedom of Sindhudesh.

The people raised pro-freedom slogans during a massive rally held in Syed’s hometown of Sann in Jamshoro district of Pakistan’s Sindh province on 17th January. They claimed that Sindh is the home of Indus Valley Civilisation and Vedic religion which was illegitimately occupied by the British Empire and was delivered by them in the evil Islamist hands of Pakistan in 1947.

“The Sindhi people do not want to remain in the oppressive slavery of the terrorist state of Pakistan, and therefore, we appeal to the entire international community to step forward and support us in our struggle for national independence from the fascist theocratic Islamist terrorist state of Pakistan.”

Sindhudesh is a demand for a separate homeland for Sindhis which emerged in 1967 under the leadership of GM Syed and Pir Ali Mohammed Rashdi. A large number of Sindhi nationalist leaders, activists and students were disappeared, tortured and killed allegedly by Pakistan’s security agencies in the past few decades.