India’s partition due to Mahatma Gandhi’s mistake !

Madhya Pradesh pro-tem speaker Rameshwar Sharma

  1. Of course, this is the history; however now the people need to be told what precautionary measures political leaders will undertake in order to avoid the partition of the country once again !
  2. Uniform Civil Code, Population Control Law, Anti Conversion Law, Anti Cow Slaughter Law, Anti Love Jihad Law should be legislated and jihadi terrorist organisations and anti-national elements should be banned by the Government so that the partition of India can be avoided in future !

Bhopal (MP) –  Madhya Pradesh pro-tem speaker and BJP leader Rameshwar Sharma attacked Congress leader Digvijay Singh, and said that ‘Singh’s name is misleading, as his work and behaviour are more dangerous than Jinnah’s. The earlier Jinnah divided the country, (when) in 1947, Bapu made a mistake and the country was divided into two. That is what Singh wants to do’ Sharma was attending an event in Gandhinagar. The video of his speech has gone viral.