Delhi government demolishes 100-year-old ‘illegal’ Hanuman Temple !

VHP raises objection !

Would the AAP Government in Delhi dare to demolish encroachments by madrasas, mosques, shrines etc. ?

New Delhi – A century old Hanuman temple in Chandni Chowk was demolished by the Delhi government. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has strongly objected to this. VHP spokesperson Vinod Basal said that, ‘this embarrassing incident is reminiscent of Aurangzeb’s regime. Despite pleading with the government for last two and half months, they went ahead with the demolition. Neither did the government file a petition in the court nor did it allot time to discuss the issue with the VHP.’ He also wondered ‘how long this discrimination and aloofness about the Hindus would last?’

(Courtesy: Punjab Kesari TV)

(The above photos and videos are not intended to hurt anyone’s religious feelings.They have been published for the purpose of knowing the facts. – editors)