Villagers steal 700 chickens after truck overturns !

  • This is the degraded morality of Indians ! This dishonours India’s image in the world. However neither public nor the government are ashamed of this !
  • In ancient times Dharma was imbued in people, they were well aware of and believed in the theory of Karma. As a result of which they would not even think of thievery. However today in the era of so-called progressives, modernists, secularists and rationalists this is the level to which people’s mentality has deteriorated !
Villagers snatch 700 hens! (Symbolic image)

Barwani (MP) – A truck loaded with poultry overturned near Dondwada village in Sendhwa tehsil here, and spilled chickens on the road. People misused this opportunity, and instead of helping the truck driver in collecting the chickens, carried them away to their homes. It was seen that some villagers even had 2-3 chickens with them. Many villagers had carried bags to stuff as many chickens as possible. Only 300-350 chickens were left at the end. The truck driver said that he informed the police about this. However he did not receive any assistance. This accident has caused a loss of 1.5 to 2 lakhs. (Will the MP government act against these inactive policemen? – Editor)