Religious fanatics abduct, rape, convert and marry off a 13-year old Christian girl in Pakistan!

  • Police attempt to protect the accused
  • Why are Human Rights organizations and United Nations mute spectators to assaults against Pakistani minorities?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A 13-year old Christian girl was abducted, gangraped, converted and married off in the Kanjra area of Lahore. A video regarding the incident has been posted by human rights activist Rahat Austin in which victim’s father has detailed the assault and accused Sajid Ali, Sumaira and Tarav of the heinous crime. Police has refused to take any action citing that the documents submitted by victim’s father regarding victim’s age and forceful conversion are fake. Victim’s father has alleged that the documents indicating his daughter’s marriage and forceful conversion are forged.

  1. Victim’s father tried to seek support from minister Jahaj Alam Ghasti; but to no avail. He said ‘If Prime Minister, ministers, Chief Justice and Parliament do not listen to me or ensure the safe return of my child, then, I will be forced to kill my entire family. It is impossible to get justice in Pakistan. Justice will only be rendered when my daughter returns to me. Do not take my words lightly. If my daughter does not come back, then, I will do what I have promised’.
  2. According to the estimates of Movement for Solidarity and Peace, approximately 1000 Hindu and Christian girls in the age group of 12 to 15 years are abducted, raped, converted to Islam and married every year in Pakistan.