Kerala Christians call for a boycott of halal meat

Hindu groups extend their support to Christians in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)- Christians in Kerala have decided to boycott halal meat ahead of Christmas. While questioning the rationale of consuming halal meat on the day of Christmas, ‘Church`s Auxiliary for Social Action’ urged Christians not to consume halal food. Hindu groups extended their support to the call to boycott halal stating they are forced to sell halal meat in Kerala. The Indian Union Muslim League claimed this to be a conspiracy against Muslims.

What is halal ?

Ravi Ranjan Singh, Chairman of Jhatka Certification Authority said, Sikhism and other Indian religions follow Jhatka ritual to slaughter animals. In the Jhatka ritual, the connection between the spinal cord and brain is instantly snapped, resulting in the instant death of the animal, sparing it the torture of slow and painful death. While in the halal ritual, the animal’s jugular vein is slit, and it is left to bleed to a painful death. At the time of slaughter, the animal is faced in the direction of Mecca, and Non-Muslims are not allowed to perform this ritual. Establishments like ‘McDonald`s’ and ‘Licious’ have started to serve only halal meat.