Half kg. gold found during reconstruction of an ancient temple at Kanchipuram seized by the Government !

Villagers agitate to take the gold back

  • How can the Government claim rights on the gold from Hindu Temples ? Does the same Government ever assert power on the wealth of Mosques or Churches ?
  • To end such incidents and the devotees to have the control of Hindu Temples there is no option than to establish Hindu Rashtra (nation) !

Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) – During the reconstruction of an ancient Shiva Temple at Uthiramerur villagers 565 gram gold has been discovered under the steps of the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple. The Government authorities reached the spot after being informed about this and claimed the rights on the gold. The villagers however raised the objection. The villagers stated that, ‘the gold found is the wealth of the Temple and it will be restored in the sanctum sanctorum itself after the reconstruction of the Temple.’ After the little scuffle between the villagers and the Government authorities, the Police were called. The Police seized the gold under Government treasury. The agonised villagers have started agitating to get back the gold.

1. The villagers expressed their agony about the Government. ‘The authority and power is claimed by the Government only on the Hindu Temples in this way. Action against other religions is never taken in this way. Getting the gold under the steps of Temple is considered a good sign. It is old tradition, however the Government authorities broke the tradition’ accused the villagers.

2. The villagers have started the agitation against the seizing of gold. The Revenue Department Authority, Vidya said that the senior officers of the Department will take a stand in this regard.

3. Uthiramerur consists of many ancient Temples. Hence the village is called the town of Temples. These Temples had been constructed during the Chol Dynasty.