Chinese construction activity in Ladakh is provoking – Condemned US Senator Raja Krishnamoorthi

American Senator speaks about this openly, but Indian Ministers do not have the courage for this.

Near East Ladakh, China continued to build troops along the LAC
U.S. Senator Raja Krishnamurthy

Washington (USA) – Public representative of the  Democratic Party, Raja Krishnamoorthi criticised that if China is undertaking construction activities  along the line of actual control, it is provoking. China is doing the same in the South China Sea also. Mr. Krishnamoorthi is a permanent member of the Intelligence Department of the American Congress. He is a first Indian holding this post.

Relations between both nations will scale new heights during Biden’s term.

Mr. Krishnamoorthi said, “The ongoing Chinese construction along the LAC in Ladakh is similar to China’s bullying activity in the South China Sea, where they have made islands. This is their attempt to change the facts about the area. Both Trump and Biden Government will stand by India. Biden has been a long-time friend of India and along with Vice president, Kamala Harris, of Indian origin, the bonding between the two nations will get stronger. Anthony Blinken has been nominated as Secreatary of State, he has good knowledge about the South Asian countries. He is a good friend of India too. As such Indian American relations will scale new heights”.