Nirvani Akhara Chief Mahant Dharam Das sends legal notice to Central Government

Shri Ram Temple Tirthakshetra Trust is arbitrary !

New Delhi – Nirvani Akhara Chief Mahant Dharma Das has raised a question about the existing Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Trust by sending a legal notice to Central Home Ministry.

1. Mahant Dharam Das has stated and warned in the notice that, ‘there should be improvement in the trust. If the Government would not act within 2 months of the legal notice then a petition would be filed in this regard at Supreme Court.’

2. He has raised a question in the notice that, ‘if the entire property belongs to the God then is He not a part of the trust ? Why were the previous donations were not displayed in the trust ?

3. Mahant Dharam Das further alleged that, ‘the trust includes those who have no relation with the agitation held for Shri Ram Temple. Those who participated in the agitation in 1949 do not have proper post in the trust; however those who participated in the agitation after 1989 have been given the importance. Thus those have political relations with the Government play an important role in the trust.’