Austria to impose a ban on the mosques of extremists

India should learn from tiny Austria ! If Austria has taken this decision after a single jihadi terrorist attack, it is a shame for India that jihadi terrorism has been going on in India for the past 3 decades, and even after its roots were found in some mosques and madarasas, India has not taken action.

In 1989, through loudspeakers in mosques, Kashmiri Hindu men were told to leave Kashmir. Hindus were told to leave their wives and property behind, and genocide was committed on them. However, no crime was ever recorded nor any action taken against these mosques or the genocide of Hindus.

Vienna (Austria) – Jihadi terrorists attacked six places in Vienna, the capital of Austria, on 2nd November. Seven people, including a terrorist, were killed. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Following these attacks, the Austrian Government has now decided to lock down the country’s most extremists’ mosques. (The terrorist attack in Vienna and the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008 have a lot of similarities. However, on comparing the two incidents, in the Mumbai attacks, 166 innocent people were killed, yet, the the then Congress-led Central Government did not take any action like Austria has taken. In other words, such an action is not possible in Indian politics which has been focused on appeasement of minorities. Strong-willed rulers and leaders are required to take such actions. The patriotic Indians expect the Modi Government to take such drastic steps. – Editor)

Earlier, it was decided by related authorities to close the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi till 11th November due to fear of a terrorist attack.