Global warming poses a threat for Ladakh’s icy terrain

Himalayan neighborhood likely to be hit by floods! – Experts

New Delhi – Global warming has posed a serious threat to the glaciers and frozen lakes of Ladakh. The temperature in the region drops to -16°C during winters; however, the ice is fast melting due to the ever-rising temperature. It is also causing the frozen lakes to melt and has made the Himalayan region prone to floods. If this happens, it will cause catastrophe in Northern India, concluded the research by the experts from South Asia Institute and ‘Heidelberg Center for the Environment of Ruperto Carola’. This research is published in the sci-fi magazine ‘Natural Hazards’. Global warming has not only affected the Ladakh’s icy region, but also various other places in the world.

According to Prof. Marcus Nusser, a geologist by profession, satellite images were used to study the glaciers of Ladakh. The melting of ice in this region would lead to floods in the low-lying surroundings. The floods in Kedarnath were a result of such situation. Therefore, all the Asian nations are expected to work towards mitigating the global warming. He also stated that their research is helpful in avoiding potential flood like situation.