Sakshi Maharaj says, ‘When the Bakri Eid will be celebrated without goats, we will celebrate Diwali without firecrackers’.

  • Firecrackers cause air and sound pollution, the killings of goats during Bakri Eid too results in pollution. Those advocating equality keep silence in these matters.
  • Those opposing the Hindu festivals under the pretext of pollution go in hiding when festivals of other religions cause pollution.

Unnav (Uttar Pradesh) – When the Bakri Eid will be celebrated without sacrificing thousands of goats, Hindus will celebrate Diwali without firecrackers. Do not preach us about firecrackers in the name of air pollution. Sakshi Maharaj posted this statement on Facebook. He was referring to the proposed ban on firecrackers in the Diwali festival. Sakshi Maharaj is Covid 19 positive and is in isolation at home.