Conspiracy to implicate Hindu students by posing anti-Islam material on their social media accounts after hacking the accounts

Hindus demand to stop harassment on Hindu students in Bangladesh in the name of Blasphemy

  • This is a new type of jihad ‘Cyber jihad’ through which attempts are made to ensure that Hindu students are given capital punishment by treating them anti-Islamic and implicating in false charges.
  • The Indian Government should take cognisance of this conspiracy and take steps to protect Hindus in Bangladesh.

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – In Islamic Bangladesh, the Hindu students are now targeted in a new module of blasphemy to doom their career forever. The fundamentalist Muslims are trying hard to bring the Blasphemy Act as a crime of the highest order with capital punishment. But, now, the Bangladesh Police is rampantly arresting  Hindu students under various sections under Digital Security Act 2018 and as its amended version in 2020 even there are no sections directly upon blasphemy.

These events follow a common pattern. Hackers target Facebook IDs having Hindu names, hack the IDs, and then using the hacked ID post blasphemous matter against Islam in social media. Then the screenshot of the comments is posted in a social media platform to instigate the Muslim students as well as general population especially those with radical Islamic bent of mind. Then the university authority suspends the student and a case is filed against the student in Digital Security Act (DSA). As a part of Cyber Jihad, Islamists now find the clue of blasphemy as another tool of Hindu persecution.

Six students persecuted in this way

1. Mithun Mandal, first-year student at the Department of Finance and Banking.

2.Tithi Sarker, a third-year student of the Zoology Department.

3.Protik Majumder, a student of the environmental science and disaster management department,

4.Pal Dipto, a student of the pharmacy department

5.Dipti Rani Das (17), a student of a local college

6.Mithun Dey (32) alias Piklu Neel

Arrest and persecution on minority Hindus in the name of blasphemy charge is nothing new in Islamic Bangladesh. But, it is remarkable that in the festive session of Durga Puja (the biggest festivity for Bengali Hindus), six Hindu students including two girl students have been arrested on the charge of blasphemy in a single month of October 2020. Bangladeshi Hindus are living under constant fear and face cyber-bullying.

The emerging Act against Blasphemy will do the heaviest harm to the minority people in Bangladesh. Hindu Existence Forum demands immediate release (and withdrawal of the suspension) of these six students.either from Police or Judicial Custody in Bangladesh.