Following France, a 16-year-old fanatic youth attacked the Police with a knife in Russia

Religious fanatic youth killed in police firing

  • Just killing the Jihadists is not enough to finish the terrorism. To end terrorism from roots, the whole world needs to unite and fight.
  • Now, attacks with knives by religious fanatics all over the world will rise. The number of religious fanatics in India is very high; this is an alarm for Hindus. Hindu Rashtra is inevitable for the security of Hindus.

Moscow (Russia) – The Nice city in France experienced a Jihadist attack, on the other hand, a Muslim majority town Kukmor in Russia too faced a similar attack by a fanatic youth. A 16-year-old fanatic youth shouted the slogan ‘Allahu Akabar’.

He said the Police are ‘Kafirs’ and stabbed a Policeman three times with a knife. Another Police nearby gunned down the youth. ‘He was carrying a petrol bomb and knife and tried to put fire to the Police station. When the Police tried to arrest him, the youth attacked’,stated the Police.

The fanatic youth is, Vitale Antipov. The Police registered this attack as an act of terrorism. The Police are in search of two accomplices connected with this attack. ‘Antipov’ is from Altai, Siberia, and works in a hotel serving Halal meat. The owner of the hotel was in prison for 14 years for crimes such as illegal arms manufacturing and arson.