Nellai Collector welcomes a delegation of Christian Padres and nuns by standing up

  • Would the Collector stand up while meeting the delegation of Hindu organisations ?
  • It would not be surprising if the administrative officers give red carpet treatment to fanatical Christians. To change this situation, there is no other option than building effective Hindu unity.

A few weeks back we have published this news of a Chrisitan burial ground built illegally just opposite Nellai Sri Manimurtiswarar temple. Here is the latest update and the  condemnation report of Shri.Arjun Sampath of Hindu Matkal Katchchi on it.

Nellai (Tamil Nadu) – Nellai District Collector Mrs. Shilpa stood up politely welcoming Christian priests and nuns who had come to submit a representation to her. Will she stand up politely like this when a Hindu priests come ?

A few months ago, a news that Christians were erecting a tomb in front of the Arulmigu Manimurtiswarar Temple in Nellai came to the light. The place belongs to that temple. Two Christian organisations have illegally occupied that place. While one organisation did not start any work there, another organisation has begun burying the bodies of dead Christians over the past few days.

All parties (except the BJP) have come forward to complain to the Nellai District Collector that the graves where the bodies were buried have been damaged despite strong opposition.

How did this District Collector, who did not meet the people and receive petitions during the coronavirus pandemic, allow so many people into her office?  How did she meet without social distancing or a mask ?  How can the District Collector, who is supposed to enforce the order of the Central and State Governments, act in violation of it ? Maybe this privilege is enjoyed by her because the District Collector is also a Christian ? (At other times, everybody experiences that the Collector never stands up to receive the common people or any administrative offices arrives to meet him. However, if this rule is infringed while meeting the delegation of Christians, such questions are bound to be raised. – Editor)