Nepal’s opposition party leader presents evidence about Chinese incursion

Leader of Nepal Opposition doing the job for the Government ! How far will the Hindus of Nepal tolerate the treasonous Communist party Government ? Hindus of India expect them to teach a lesson that Government will remember !

Kathmandu (Nepal) – The ruling Communist party Government of Nepal have rebuffed the reports of illegal Chinese encroachment on its territory. Current leader of Opposition and a former Central Minister, Jeevan Bahadur Shahi of Nepal Congress said, “I have obtained evidence of Chinese incursion and have submitted an extensive report of the same to the party’s Central Committee”.

Land encroached by China in District Humla

In an interview with Nepali online news portal ‘Khabarhub’, Jeevan Bahadur Shahi said, “Nepal’s land has been encroached by China in my home District Humla. China has even started to build structures crossing our borderline at Pillar 12. Although few Government officials were present in the field-visit and had produced the report on Chinese intrusion, I am surprised why the Government is not acknowledging this fact?”

Shahi told that China has breached the international law. Food-laden trucks meant for food supply for the people in Humla were suspended by China after the former protested the incursion. According to the international laws, no Government can suspend the transit of food supplies. China has also taken the telephone tower in its control. The locals are now forced to use the Chinese tower.