Tanishq Jewellery ‘Love Jihadi’ advertisement withdrawn by Tata Group

Effect of united opposition by Hindus

  • If Hindus show such unity for Dharma, then no one in the country and even abroad will dare to insult Hindu Dharma, Deities, etc. !
  • Even though the Tata Group withdrew the advertisement due to possible financial loss, Hindus will still not buy Tanishq Jewellery.
A Tanishq store displaying a sign of regret for hurting religious sentiments

New Delhi – The Tata Group-owned Tanishq brand jewellery shop has withdrawn its advertisement after social media protests over its promotion of ‘Love Jihad’.

The advertisement for this shop was aired on 9th October. It was shown to be a baby water ritual for a pregnant Hindu woman. This Hindu woman was shown as the wife of a Muslim. Hindus had objected to this on Twitter with the hashtag ‘#BoycottTanishq’ trend. The advertisement was withdrawn by the Tata Group because a direct demand for a boycott of the establishment’s products was being made. This advertisement can no longer be seen on the establishment’s ‘YouTube’ channel.

@Tanishqjewelery withdraws its video on YouTube

O’ Hindus, express gratitude at Shrikrushna’s Holy feet for this success !