Two individuals of Islamic State arrested in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Instead of feeding such individuals, Government should file a lawsuit against them in a Fast Track Court and strive for capital punishment !

New Delhi – NIA has arrested Ahamed Abdul Cader (age 40) and Irfan Nasir (age 33) from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka respectively. They were accused of recruiting terrorists for Islamic State and for funding their travel to Syria. Ahamed Abdul Cader, from Tamil Nadu is a business analyst at a Bank and Nasir is into a business. (Those, who say, ‘poverty causes Muslims to go on the way of terrorism’, would say anything now ?- Editor)

1. Kashmir residents Hina Bashir Beg (age 39 years) and her husband were arrested in March 2020 from Jamia Nagar, Delhi with the allegation of being associated with Islamic State and organising anti-CAA protests. Their detailed investigation revealed names of these two individuals.

2. 13-14 individuals had travelled to Iraq and Syria from Bangalore in 2013-14. Two of them were killed while fighting for IS. Some of them returned back secretly in 2014.