Nepalese protest outside Chinese embassy at Kathmandu

China encroaches into Nepal border

Hindus in Nepal should not stop just at one protest, but should try to build a movement against China across the country !

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Nepalese protested outside Chinese embassy in Humla village at China-Nepal border against the construction of 9 buildings by China. China was accused of encroaching in Nepal with the intention of extending its territory. Protesters chanted the slogan ‘China, go back’. Since last few years, China is trying to extend its closeness with Nepal, however, it is clearly trying to gain illegal control over Nepal’s territory. As a result, Nepali people have developed rage against China.

  • As per a report on, Assistant Chief District Officer Dalbahadur Hamal of Humla inspected the Lapcha Limi area in Humla from 30th August to 9th September. He saw the 9 buildings constructed by China here. Construction of only one building was reported earlier by media in Nepal. It was also observed that China has banned the entry for Nepalese in this area.
  • Since this region falls in the remote part of the main part of Lapcha-Lipu, it was neglected. This region of Nepal does not have even the basic facilities. None of the officials of Nepal ever visit this place. Taking the advantage of this, China started illegal construction in this area.
  • After the encroachment of China was revealed, District Administration has reported it to the Home Ministry of Nepal. After local citizens pressurised, the report was sent further to the Foreign Ministry.
  • Congress in Nepal said that, ‘China has occupied 64 hectare land from Dolakha, Humla, Sindhupalchowk, Sankhuwasabha, Gorkha and Rasuva Districts illegally. 98 boundary pillars along the 1,414km long border between Nepal and China are missing while several others have been shifted inside the territory of Nepal. After1960, Nepal installed 100 pillars on China-Nepal border, and 8,553 pillars on Nepal-India border.
  • Just before 2 months, China had occupied Rui village in Gorkha District of Nepal illegally. A discussion was held against this in the Nepal Parliament and passed a resolution to take the land back.

‘The region is a part of China !’ – claims China

China has claimed that the region where the construction has taken place is a part of China. Whereas Nepal has claimed that, ‘the pillar number 11 in the border area has been removed and replaced with these buildings’. Chinese embassy said however that, the claim of China encroaching Nepal land is false. ‘If Nepal has evidences with regards to this then we are ready for a discussion.’

‘We have no border disputes with China !’ – Nepal Government

Pradeep Gyawali, Minister of Foreign Affairs has however refused that China has encroached on Nepal’s land. He said that, ‘we have no disputes with China with respect to border’.