China built 9 buildings in a village on the Nepal border

Do not be surprised if China gains complete control over China-dominated Nepal tomorrow. The patriotic Hindus in Nepal should revolt much before such eventuality and oust the ruling Communist Party of China, which has become a slave of China. Nepal should be declared a Hindu Nation by giving power in the hands of  patriotic and devout Hindus there.

New Delhi – It has come to light that China has secretly constructed nine large buildings in Lepcha area of Limi village in Humla District of Nepal. It has also barred Nepali citizens from entering the area where built the premises. Vishnu Bahadur Lama, the President of the village council, came to know about this incident while he was visiting the border area.

When Vishnu Bahadur Lama went there to find out how and by whom these buildings were built, he was stopped. Lama said that buildings have been constructed on the Nepal side within one kilometre of the border between the two countries. He also tried to contact Chinese military officials responsible for border security by telephone, but there was no answer from them.