Chinese espionage against 10,000 VIP from India

Zhenhua Company assigned the task of collecting confidential information !

What were the security services of India doing till this point? It is a matter of shame and total failure of these security services that enemy country steals confidential information on such a large scale ! The Government should devise a major action plan to stop this !

 New Delhi – ‘The Indian Express’ has reported that Zhenhua Data Information Technology Co. Limited, a Chinese Company is engaged in a task of espionage of 10,000 VIP personnel of India including President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many Central Cabinet Ministers, leaders of opposition, Chief Ministers of many States and Chief Justice of Supreme Court. It is said that this company is spying in the fields of politics, business sector, judicial system, and media. The report states that details of all criminals from all fields are also available with this company. Shenzen-based Zhenhua has its relations with Chinese Government, Army and Communist Party.

  1. Zhenhua had been spying since more than 2 months. Big Data Tools were used to get the information. This information is stored under the title Overseas Key Individual DadaBase (OKIDB). This file has hundreds of entries. This company has also stored information about US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany and United Arab Emirates. It means, China spied upon theses countries were also. This information has been gathered from the research network of the respective organisations.
  2. Professor Christopher Balding who used to teach in ‘Zhenhua’ and currently teaching in Vietnam shared this information with some news agencies. The agencies include The Indian Express, The Australian Financial Review and Il Folglio from Italy.
  3. Zhenhu Company was founded in the year 2018. The company has 20 tributaries across the world. It has been noted that Chinese Government and Chinese Military are the customers of this company.

‘We have not assigned any company for spying ! – claims China

Would any country ever confess that it has assigned any company for espionage ? So though China keeps denying, it is a fact that China is spying on India. Indian Government should take immediate action against this company and expel it from India !

The Chinese Embassy from India stated that ‘China has never asked any company or any person to collect or provide any countries’ internal and confidential information. Chinese Government has neither violated laws of any country nor have asked anyone to collect the information secretly.’ The embassy further explained that Chinese Government always instructs the Chinese companies to follow the rules and regulations of the respective countries while doing  business with foreign countries.