7 suicides take place in Delhi every day

The suicides are due to physical, mental handicap, and non-employment

  • Indians did not receive training on spiritual practice during the last 73 years. Performing spiritual practice makes the state of mind better and strengthens mental and spiritual power. This makes the mind stable in adverse situations and diverse conditions. External conditions do not affect the spiritual state of mind. However, the lack of study in this aspect and the declaration of India as a secular country  made people suffer. This is one of the major harm caused to Indian people. Early realisation of this fact will make our future better.
  • In the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation), the people will be taught spiritual practice through the education on Dharma. The living conditions in the Hindu Rashtra will not be as it is now; it will not provoke people to suicide to commit suicides. People will not harbour the thoughts of suicide and the country will be free of suicides.

New Delhi – The number of suicides has increased two and a half  times in the last year as compared to the last year. The National Crime Register Bureau (NCRB) submitted this revealing statistics. In 2019, daily four persons died in the road accidents in Delhi. However, the number of suicides per day was seven. According to these numbers, every year 2,526 deaths are by suicide. Discord in family relations is the biggest cause. The disputes and disrupted relations with relatives are also the reasons for suicides. These statistics do not include the number of attempts of suicide by a person.

Death toll due to mental disorders was 47 in a year

In Delhi, during the last year, 47 persons died by suicide due to mental disorders. This year, until now, the death toll is 18. Six women committed suicide during this period while the death toll of men due to mental disorders rose from 12 to 41.

Physical disorders cause 130 suicides this year

In addition to mental disorders, prolonged physical illness resulted in a reduced number of suicides. Last year witnessed 218 deaths while in this year until now there were 130 suicide deaths. The 469 suicides out of 2,526 were clueless.

Unemployment resulted in increased suicides

In 2019, there were 20% more suicide deaths due to unemployment. The loss of jobs resulted in 118 deaths by suicide in 2019. In 2018, the number was 98. In 2018, 611 unemployed youth attempted suicide while in 2019, 677 persons without jobs attempted suicide.