Parties in Tollywood do not happen without drugs ! – Tamil actress Madhavi Latha

Though it is a known fact that the drugs consumption is common almost in the entire film industry of the country, local State Governments and Central Government’s anti drug squads do not take any action against it. Would there be anything wrong if people feel that the vested interests of the politicians and actors are interconnected behind this deafening silence ?

Tollywood actress Madhavi Latha

Chennai – Many big actors from Tollywood take drugs. None of the parties of the high class society happen without drugs. Of course, Police is well aware of this; however considering the interconnections of the actors and politicians it is completely ignored, claimed Tollywood actress Madhavi Latha in an interview to a Tamil newspaper. Recently Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had also claimed that, ‘parties from Bollywood industry do not take place without drugs.’