400+ Organisations To Commemorate Gauri Lankesh in a National Campaign

It can be easily surmised what would be the mentality of the organisations which support Naxals and come together to commemorate Gauri Lankesh, a proponent of anti-national ideology.

 Bengaluru – Over 400 women’s groups, queer collectives and civil rights organisations across India are organising a campaign on 5th September against injustice and targeted attacks on people’s constitutional rights.

The day marks the third anniversary of the murder of Gauri Lankesh, a journalist and activist in Bangalore, according to Karnataka police by the Sanatan Sanstha, a Hindu supremacist organisation.

The campaign, Hum Agar Uthe Nahin To… (If We Do Not Rise…) was announced at a press conference on 27th August, where activists and representatives of various organisations said the campaign would include protests on the ground and online.

“Instead of arresting leaders who made hate speeches inciting violence, the women and people who worked for unity, peace and the Constitution are being arrested and incarcerated.”

The program will circulate videos on various issues and conduct live sessions on social media, exhibit artwork online and also submit citizens’ memoranda to local authorities on the issues faced by the people of the country.