Violence by refugee religious fanatics in Malmo (Sweden)

Protest over burning Quran

  • In any country if their religion is insulted, religious fanatics do not try to punish the people related to it in a legal way, but they come on the streets, take law in their hands and harm the common people and the property of the country ! On the contrary, when the religion of Hindus is insulted, either they do not protest or even if they do, they just complain to the Police, still only Hindus are taught the lesson of freedom of expression !
  • What’s wrong if anyone thinks that China is appropriately trying to change this violent mindset of religious fanatics !

Malmo (Sweden) – On the night of 24th August, the religious fanatics descended on the streets and resorted to violence. They took out a rally on Friday, in which more than 300 religious fanatics took to the road and protesters also pelted stones at the Police. After the arrest of a Danish leader, it was reported that his supporters trampled the Quran and set it on fire. This was followed by violence by the religious fanatics. Most violent fundamentalists are refugees from the Middle East. (Refugee religious fanatics are now growing across Europe, and this is an example ! Germany has experienced this before and Sweden has experienced it. Wherever religious fanatics are, they are a trouble for society.)

  1. Rasmus Paludan, leader of Denmak’s Sweden-banned group ‘Hard Line’, was refused permission to hold a meeting in Malmo. He was detained on the Swedish border. The Swedish administration feared that if allowed, the law and order situation could deteriorate. Hence Paludan was arrested.
  2. Annoyed by Paludan’s arrest, his supporters publicly burnt the Quran. Three people have been arrested in this case. (Even if the Police took action against those doing the offence, what do the religious fanatics want to show by resorting to the violence ? We have to think about it ! – Editor) Paludan had burnt the Quran last year. Not only this, the Quran was kept in pork, which is forbidden for Muslims. In this context, he also posted on Facebook.