BJP leader from Dhanbad (Jharkhand) shot dead in broad daylight

Despite being in power for the last 6 years at the Center, it is not expected that its leaders and workers get killed at various places in the country ! Hindus expect that the government should take steps now to stop these killings !

Satish Singh was close to Dhanbad BJP MLA Raj Sinha. Full murder case captured on CCTV (Photo courtesy: Prabhat Khabar)

Dhanbad (Jharkhand) – BJP leader Satish Singh was shot dead by an attacker in broad daylight. Singh’s attacker has appeared on CCTV, the Police are searching for him; but no one has been arrested yet.

Singh was crossing the road while talking on mobile, 2 people approached him from behind on a the motorcycle and the attacker shot him in the head. In this attack, Singh bled profusely. The Police admitted him to the hospital with the help of local people. The doctors declared him dead. Singh was close to Kendua Mandal officer, as well as BJP’s Dhanbad MLA Raja Sinha.

BJP MLA Raj Sinha

During the tenure of Hemant Soren Sarkar, law and order is on a toss ! – BJP MLA Raja Sinha

Raja Sinha reached the hospital as soon as he got information about this incident. He severely criticised the declining law and order in the State, saying that during the tenure of the ruling Hemant Soren Government, law and order has gone for a toss and criminals have gone out of control.